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Bridge of Hope 


Bridge of Hope ends and prevents homelessness for women and children with the help of trained Neighbour Groups. 
Our goal is to exemplify love and to promote physical, emotional, social and spiritual wholeness.  Focusing on outcomes mean that we approach our work, plan our services, support families, and measure our success with a focus on changing lives.  

Bridge of Hope strives to assist homeless single mothers in achieving:

  1. Permanent/long-term housing
  2. Financial stability through employment
  3. Life-changing friendships
  4. Growth and wholeness

Bridge of Hope is a three way partnership between homeless single mothers, trained Neighbour Groups, and trained case managers.  Bridge of Hope embraces the philosophy that homelessness is more than a housing crisis; it is a also a crisis of relationship.  
The three-way partnership is designed to assist the single mother and her children with long-term solutions to homelessness, as well as to develop supportive friendships that will sustain her long beyond the completion of formal program services.

Neighbour Groups



What is a Neighbour Group?

  • Eight to twelve people 
  • Both men and women, young and old, married and single.
  • Willing to establish an on-going friendship with a homeless single mother and her children.
  • Committed to the Neighbour Group for 12 - 24 months while the single mother is involved in the Bridge of Hope program and is working toward financial stability.

How much time is involved?

  • A weekly phone call or meeting with the woman you are investing in.
  • A one-on-one activity every four to six weeks with the family you are investing in.
  • This might look like: inviting them over to watch a movie, going grocery shopping together, or other things you would do with a friend.
  • Attend monthly Bridge of Hope Nights with the woman you are investing in, and your whole Neighbour Group.  
  • Bridge of Hope Nights are held on a designated night each month.  These evenings are designed to strengthen the relationships, and provide ongoing training and support for Neighbours.

How will I be Supported?

  • 4+ hours of training prior to meeting the family you will invest in.
  • The Bridge of Hope staff will facilitate a Match Night to introduce the Neighbour Group and the family.
  • Ongoing support and training from Bridge of Hope staff.
  • Phone support for neighbours from Bridge of Hope staff and/or your case manager.

Neighbour Group Form

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