Emma House


Hello, October!

Help us, help our moms move from SURVIVING to THRIVING

Each and every day, the moms at Emma House are working hard to create a healthy life and family for their babies, when many have never experienced that for themselves.

Imagine the fear of being pregnant and alone, with the thought that you may have to give birth on the streets or in a shelter.  Imagine not knowing where you will live or how you will provide a safe place to raise your child.

Emma House is here to help provide vulnerable mothers and babies with the safe shelter they need to succeed.  While we have the ability to provide eight beds for vulnerable women, there are still less than twenty beds in total available for pregnant, homeless women in Calgary. Due to this, we are more often reaching full capacity, leaving us financially stretched and in dire need of donors and volunteers to support our guests. 

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The need to expand is critical.

"... at the age of 13, I found myself stuck in a group home, on the streets, in shelters, with people that mistreated me.  I didn't have anyone in my life.  All alone.  I was placed on a list for a foster home, but no one wanted me ....
How could I know what a family was when I didn't have one?"    
~ Emma House Alumni

This October Emma House is assisting five mothers along with their babies, and three pregnant mothers.  Support for these women costs us $25,000 each month to provide shelter and 24/7 care and support.  Local need for our services is only growing.

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We are in a time of need and your financial gift would truly make a difference.  You can give a one-time gift or sign up for monthly contributions by visiting our DONATE page. Your donation will dramatically improve the outlook for each mother and child at Emma House and directly impact the quality of their life.



You have the opportunity to help local families thrive by reaching out now to volunteer at Emma House. Day and Night shifts are available to be part of the community at the house, providing supervision, friendship, and baby cuddle time. If you can be available ONE DAY or NIGHT a month, please email info@emmahouse.ca today!

"At Emma House I felt right at home.  We ate together every day like a big family.  Every day after work, I was always thrilled to come home.  When I was scared or needed someone to talk to, someone was there for me."  ~ Emma House Alumni

Thank you for supporting us! 

Carmin Moore