Emma House


Hidden Homelessness: Moving Mothers from a Couch to a Home


Our clients aren't usually what you picture when you hear the word "homeless". Many are the "hidden homeless", which refers to living temporarily with others but without guarantee of continued residency or immediate prospects for accessing permanent housing.  Often it is known as "couch surfing".  They stay with relatives, friends, neighbours or strangers because they have no other option; increasing their vulnerability.

Because of your continued support, we are able to provide mothers with immediate safe housing and help them make a plan for a secure future.  Our goal, with your help, is to stop the cycle of poverty in their child's life.


Did you know Emma House is a program and not an emergency shelter? For many new arrivals, Emma House offers the first loving, disciplined environment they have ever experienced. 

Guidelines for all residents include daily chores, curfews, attending school, going to a job each day, or regular volunteer work. These guidelines provide consistent structure for the women as their delivery dates approach.

As the winter months surround us, please keep our mothers and babies in your hearts. Freezing temperatures, icy roads, and heavy snowfalls cause increased expenses to keep our home warm and our mothers and babies safe. Please consider donating this winter to help us continue to empower our moms and get our little ones through their first snowy winter.

Happy (early) Holidays, everyone! 


To become a monthly donor, sign up by clicking here.
$30 / month = cleaning supplies for the house
$50 / month = utilities for one mom and her baby
$100 / month = transportation costs for one mom and her baby 



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