Emma House


Hello, December: The Season of Giving & Growing!

The end of the calendar year marks the season of giving and compassion for many people. Throughout the year, and in particular in the past week, Emma House has been a beneficiary of that compassion! 

To kick off the Holiday Season, the Student Council at Ambrose University generously hosted a Christmas Banquet in honour of the past and current women at Emma House. The occasion allowed hard working moms the chance to be pampered and celebrated for their strength and commitment to being their best. In the midst of the holiday celebration, mothers, children, staff, and volunteers were reminded of the strength of community and were gifted with a renewed sense of belief and faith. 

Click  here  to view a video from the Ambrose University Student Council Christmas Banquet. 

Click here to view a video from the Ambrose University Student Council Christmas Banquet. 

Days later was officially #GivingTuesday in Canada. Emma House was able to spread awareness of the services we provide and raise valuable funds to help us get through the New Year! While we are so grateful for the financial donations we received, we sincerely understand that generosity does not start and end at a financial contribution. In a season that promotes generosity, we have to spotlight the people who generously give of their time, heart, and skills  throughout the year. #GivingTuesday brought heightened interest and awareness to our organization, and several individuals stepped up to offer unique services to our residents. Thank you to all who participated in the act of GIVING to Emma House, not only on GivingTuesday, but everyday throughout this year! 

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Emma House has already been blessed this Holiday Season, and we hope you’ll continue to give. Remember that in giving, WE will grow. Emma House will be able to further cultivate a safe home- a place for vulnerability, growth,  and relationship, that is centred around love and encouragement. But also remember that in giving, YOU will grow. You will connect to others in important ways, and understand what it is to be part of a community that needs you. 

Happy Holidays, everyone! May you and your loved ones continue to come together in the spirit of giving and growing. Know deep in your hearts that you are making a difference! 

Merry Christmas!

Carmin Moore