Emma House

Current House Needs

Wondering About Donations?

We are immensely grateful that you have thought of our Emma House family. Your generosity not only warms our hearts, but more importantly, truly impacts our women and babies.

If you are inquiring about donation item ideas, or wondering what specifically the Emma House needs at the moment, please do consult the list below. If you have any further inquires, please feel free to reach out to info@emmahouse.ca and our staff will personally answer your questions.

Household Needs:

1. Similac Baby Formula (Liquid or Powder, Step 1 Total Comfort or Advanced Line)*

2. Bus Ticket Stacks for Calgary Transit

3. Diaper Genie Refills

4. Laundry Supplies (Industrial Size Detergent, Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets)

5. Toilet Paper

6. Complete Double, Queen and Twin Sheet Sets (New or Gently Used)

7. Couch Cushions (New of Gently Used)

8. Used Smart Phones (Android or Apple)

9. Used Laptops + Corresponding Charging Cords

Last Updated: July 2019, * Indicates a Pressing Need

Emma House Tender, Love and Care Needs:

Emma House is very fortunate to have groups of volunteers donate their time towards “Emma House TLC”. Currently, Emma House needs some tender, love and care in areas including:

1. Front Yard Gardening and Maintenance

Last Updated: July, 2019, * Indicates a Pressing Need.

Email info@emmahouse.ca for more information.