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Thank you for your generous heart and your interest in donating. Early childhood experiences, particularly from ages 0-2, have strong implications on the health outcomes for children.  By supporting expectant mothers facing homelessness, we are not only providing them with a safe home and supportive environment, we are improving the development and health outcomes for their babies and preventing the cycle of homelessness from repeating.  We cannot do this work without the support of individuals, businesses, and groups in the community as we are 100% donor funded. Together we can empower women/youth to turn vulnerability into resilience and build sustainable futures for themselves and their babies.

There are many ways you can donate as an individual or organization.  For more information about one-time and monthly donations visit our Donation page.

Have questions?  Visit our FAQ page

Want to donate your time?  Visit our Volunteer page


Tuition Donations

At Emma House we believe in offering education in order to equip those who have walked through our programs, with stability for a future. 

Transportation Donations

There is always a need to get from point A to point B, donate towards safe transportation or contact us to donate safe vehicles, bus passes, etc..

Food Donations

Join us in providing food to a multitude of individuals across our city; including events, fundraisers, daily meals, food hampers for single mothers, and more. 

Real Estate Donations

Provide Emma House with real estate or properties to enable the expansion of facilities.


* Tax receipts can be offered for donations of $20.00CAD & over. *