Emma House
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Housing & Shelters

Housing & shelters

Emma House
Phone: (403) 403-870-5231

Emma House provides housing and support to pregnant women and youth ages 12+.

Calgary Housing Company
Phone: (403) 221-9100

CHC operates and manages over 10,000 subsidized and affordable housing units and has a variety of housing options for low-income households including duplexes, townhouses and high-rise apartments.

(Housing) Phone: (403) 717-0922

CUPS operates three housing programs: Key Case Management, Graduated Rent Program, 
and Community Development. CUPS adopts a housing first philosophy which provides housing stability to participants so that other causes of poverty in their lives can be focused on and addressed.
We may not be able to provide you with housing, but we will do our best to find resources and programs that can help you. 

Eastside Victory Outreach Centre
Phone: (403) 264-0598

Provides housing for both men and women. The outreach in Forest Lawn provides three main houses and three support  houses for single men and single women. 

Elizabeth House
Phone: (403) 228-9724

Elizabeth House provides a residential program for single, pregnant/parenting teenage girls. It helps young women make positive choices that will benefit them and their children now and in the future by offering a safe and caring home, a holistic life-skills program, and appropriate referrals. Catholic faith affiliation is not a requirement.

Eligibility: single young women (ages 16 - 23); pregnant or parenting (infants - 3 years); attending a day program - e.g. school, employment, volunteer (or open to making these plans).

Mary Dover House
Phone: (403) 263-1550

Provides 94 beds of safe and low-cost shelter to single women and women with children who experience homelessness and poverty. In addition, the YWCA Mary Dover House offers 6 beds dedicated exclusively for emergency situations.
A safe refuge is the critical first step to working with our clients to achieve life change. On site at YWCA Mary Dover House are case management staff and support services which work to intervene and guide clients to the resources and assistance to plan what comes next.

Mustard Seed
Phone: (403) 269-1319

Housing is an essential component in the fight against homelessness. Without the safety and security of a home, individuals are unable to sustain employment or to reach their full potential.
From the moment an individual knocks on our door, the focus is on moving them out of the shelter system and into a home of their own.  

Oxford House Foundation of Canada
Phone: (403) 287-8771

Provides safe and affordable housing for individuals in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addictions. Our admission criteria requires that any client must have had treatment and be ready to begin transition back into the community, i.e., they must gain full-time employment, go to school on a full-time basis or volunteer each day.

Phone: (403) 242-0244

Offers safe housing for women and single mothers with addiction, abuse, or mental health issues.
Housing is long-term with commitment to in-home treatment. Also offers day treatment programs.


Awo Taan Healing Lodge
Main Line: (403) 531-1970
Crisis Line: (403) 531-1972 or (403) 531-1976

Brenda Strafford (2nd Stage)
Phone: (403) 270-7240

Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter
24-hour Hotline: (403) 234-7233

Discovery House (2nd Stage)
Phone: (403) 670-0467

Inn From the Cold
Phone: (403) 263-8384

Salvation Army Centre for Hope (Women's floor)
Phone: (403) 410-1111

Sonshine Centre (2nd Stage)
Phone: (403) 243-2002

Wheatland Community Crisis Shelter (Strathmore)
24-hour Hotline: (403) 934-6634 or 1 (877) 934-6634

YWCA Sheriff King Home
24-hour Hotline: (403) 266-0707
Information Line: (403) 266-4111