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Our partners are invaluable and together, we have accomplished a lot!

We cannot do this work without partnerships with other homeless serving agencies, health service providers, universities, corporations, businesses, and the general public. The complex issue of homelessness requires a joint response! Partner with us today!

Our Current Partners

Junction 9 Yoga and Pilates Studio: Junction 9 donates the proceeds of yoga classes to Emma House one day per week! Visit https://www.junction9.ca to join a class and support Emma House!

Soma Hammam and Spa have formed a meaningful partnership with us. The goal of this partnership is to enhance the well-being of vulnerable women by providing useful tools to maintain their self-care and develop life practices with their dignity and pride intact. Soma contributes to Emma House’s efforts by donating a portion of proceeds from its pre-natal “Soma Mama” packages booked at the spa and collecting donations and new hygienic products to give to the organization. To book a spa treatment and support Emma House, go online to their website or call 587-471-2496.

Gordyn Matheson Real Estate: Gordyn Matheson Real Estate donates a portion of her sales to Emma House! Visit https://www.gordynmatheson.com to learn more about her work and support Emma House, while purchasing a property through Gordyn.

Pro Property Services: Pro Property Services provides a donation to Emma House instead of Christmas baskets to customers. Visit http://www.proproperty.ca to learn more about their services.

We have partnerships with other agencies for our Life Skills Program including: Momentum, Birthfit, Carya, Welcome to Parenthood, and the University of Calgary.

Emma House also partners with Ambrose University College and Mount Royal University in a hands on practicum program for a number of courses and programs including Midwifery, Social Work, Business and Marketing, and Behavioral Sciences.

Become a Partner

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