Emma House

Potential Residents

Potential Residents

If you are an expectant mother and are looking for support, please call or text us at 403-870-5231.

We provide housing and support for pregnant women and youth who are facing homelessness. At Emma House, expectant mothers are welcomed into a safe, supportive, loving, family-like environment – one in which they encouraged to make the most of their present and to plan for the future. Each woman receives her own bedroom, case management support, access to nutritional meals, security, and 24/hour trauma-informed care. We also offer individualized and person-centered life skills programming for each resident to help them identify and work towards goals in areas of need and build sustainable futures for themselves and their new babies. 

Our life skills program offers the following courses and supports: 

  • Ages and Stages child development assessments and support 

  • Active/positive parenting classes

  • Financial literacy and money management courses

  • Prenatal and postpartum education

  • Nutrition and cooking classes

  • Self-esteem and development of healthy coping mechanisms

  • Understanding healthy relationships and boundaries

  • Increased healthy social supports through mentorship

  • Time/task management courses

  • Resume/Cover letter building

Using a strength-based approach, we hope to instill confidence into the program participants by helping them identify their strengths and then encouraging them to use those strengths in their daily lives. Our vision for our program is to see participants develop the skills and capabilities needed to cope with stresses, build healthy relationships, be prepared for motherhood, and move towards becoming healthy, mothers living in community.


Below is a list of other resources and supports that can be accessed in the community.