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Emma House exists because generous people like you donate their time, efforts, and talents! 

Are you ready to volunteer?

Our staff and facilities welcome volunteers who have a desire to give back!
From offering classes, to preparing meals with/for our residents, to our on-going projects, Emma House lovingly welcomes volunteers. 

Corporate Opportunities:

  • Special Events: Sponsorship of an event to help Emma House raise awareness and funds to help vulnerable women and their babies.

  • Sponsor A Meal:  Buy the groceries and have volunteers come and make dinner for our moms. 

Group Opportunities:

  • House and Yard Maintenance:  When the season allows, we need groups to come and do deep cleans of the house and yard maintenance.

  • Special Events: Volunteer to help serve at a special event that allows Emma House staff to run opportunities that raise awareness and funds for the vulnerable in our city.

Individual Opportunities:  Volunteer Your Services

  • Do you teach pre-natal yoga, offer resume writing services, or have some other uniquely helpful talent that would help build life skills into our clients?  We’d love to offer your volunteer services to our clients.

  • Maintenance:  This role is perfect for the handyman or woman.  Minor repairs and routine maintenance are crucial to keeping our home safe for moms and babies.

  • House  Supervision:  Would you like to donate a morning or afternoon on the weekends to help provide ongoing care at our home?  We provide 24/7 community care for our moms and need a team to make it happen.


Do you have questions about the volunteer process?  Check out our FAQ page or send your questions to our volunteer director

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