Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and grandmothers everywhere!

Mothers are such an essential part of our development as babies and children, but we really appreciate their wisdom and generosity as we mature into adults. Thank you for the continuous and often thankless job of supporting, caring, giving, and sacrificing that mothers provide year after year. The mothers at Emma House are continuing to grow and learn the fundamental skills needed to eventually transition and to thrive in community with their baby. Thanks to the support from our dedicated staff Emma House community partners and donors, we can provide each mother with nutritious meals, baby essentials, life skills classes and 24-hour and wrap-around trauma informed supports for them and for their baby, as they continue to blossom into confident, equipped moms who inspire us each day with their gains and great love for their babies.

Exciting News!

Baby Announcement

Thanks to the support of our donors and community partners we are welcoming three new mothers to Emma House! We are preparing to accommodate two new mothers and their babies as well as one expectant mom-to-be. We are excited to welcome them into the Emma House family. Our intake process is especially careful and mindful during these times to ensure that all mother’s and babies will be safe while being fully supported by our dedicated and experienced staff. We are thrilled to have Emma House full of mothers and babies with all the joy and community that will result from their arrival.

Mother’s Day Donations

We would also like to thank a few of our recent generous supporters for their donations to the mothers and babies of Emma House, as they have chosen us as the recipients of their campaigns for Mother’s Day. We are so honoured they chose Emma House as the charity to support for this occasion honouring mothers.

Mother’s Day Flowers

Deerfoot City has offered a bouquet of flowers for every $20 donation to Emma House as part of their Mother’s Day campaign. So drop by Deerfoot City Food Court to treat your mother to a bouquet for Mother’s Day! For more information, click here

A Special Gift for Grandma!

Nichelle Anstey is a mother, who was looking for a project to honour mothers and grandmothers to make them feel valued and beautiful. This lead her to designing scarves. She is selling scarves during her Mother’s Day campaign with a portion of the proceeds from April 6- May 9 going towards Emma House. For more information on her Global news story, click here

Mother’s Day Tea Boxes

Donations from the Mother’s Day Tea hosted by Veg Hammer with $5 from each box going towards Emma House when you order one of their famous vegan Mother’s Day Tea Boxes! For more information on how to place an order click here.

Gifts for Emma House

Humanity In Practice (H!P) has partnered with a preschool to donate Mother’s Day presents to the mothers at Emma House. The preschoolers have hand painted jewelry boxes containing a necklace and flower light, that are individually wrapped. Thank you to H!P for their contribution to our mothers! For more information click here